Are you sure that is the right cooling system?

I am a modern home designer and interior decorator, plus sometimes that includes more than swatches plus showing paint samples.

I am at those homes so often that I sometimes assume like I should set up a small camp inside one of them so I can be there for every step of the transformation.

None of weeks ago, I was in this particular house, plus the Heating, Ventilation & A/C business showed up. I was not aware they were supposed to be here, since the owners hadn’t left me any notice. I asked them if they were sure this was the right house? The Heating, Ventilation & A/C tech showed me the task order plus told me he was to install an air conditioner unit. I was finally working in a multiple-entryway, several bath, house. I looked at the cooling system plus I was pretty sure it wasn’t the right A/C components for this house. It looked way too small to cool the house I was in. I followed this Heating, Ventilation & A/C specialist to the back of the house where he was to set up this new air conditioner unit. There was already an A/C component there, plus I couldn’t see them getting rid of such a big monstrosity plus installing the smaller unit. I asked this dude if he was absolutely certain this was the modern new home of the A/C unit. He looked at the A/C components that wasalready sitting there plus the A/C component he had with him. He then pulled out his iPhone plus called his employer to advice. He had the right address, however at the wrong side of town. He should have been on the north side of town plus not on the east.
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