Finding the ideal gym to start a new fitness plan

The time to focus on my health has been a long time coming.

However, change is not something I am all that good with.

The level of my health and fitness is a prime example of that. I’m getting into dangerous territory and need to make some lifestyle changes. The doctor recommended that I sign up at a health and fitness center. I never had a gym membership before. I have only been inside the doors of any type of a gym a few times in my whole life. So this is a very new activity for me. Fortunately, my wife agreed to join me. I’m relieved that I’m not embracing this lifestyle change on my own. We recently took a tour of the health and fitness facility that was suggested by both my doctor and a friend of my wife. The place got really great customer reviews online as well. From the moment my wife and I walked in the door, I felt more at ease than I expected. I had this fear that every member would be perfectly beautiful, fit and professional athlete level in their training methods. I worried I would obviously not belong there. First of all, this gym is focused more on health and total wellness. I saw plenty of people just like me who were striving to make positive changes. The personal trainer who showed us around was really welcoming and supportive.He wasn’t so much trying to sell us on the gym membership but willing to listen to our expectations and goals. I found that approach very comforting. My wife and I definitely chose the right place to start.

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