I have an air vent for my heating system at the base of my staircase

For all of my childhood, I wanted to live in a multiple story house.

My parents always lived in cramped apartments where I was only lucky enough to get my own bedroom once my oldest sibling left for college.

Before then he had his own room while my middle brother and I shared the third bedroom. Once he was gone, my other brother inherited his room which left me with my own. Just getting my own bedroom for the first time ever was a massive improvement in my life and my mental well being. Still, I wished that we lived in a house with a yard that I could play in with my friends. I hated hearing noise through the walls and the ceiling, as well as the lights that shined in my bedroom windows at night as people came and went in their cars. All I wanted when I grew up was a house of my own, even if it meant renting a home from someone else. I didn’t want to live in apartments or condominiums if at all possible. Not only that, but I wanted a house with a second floor. I managed to get all of my wishes when I started my own business and started seeing immediate success. Before long I was applying for a mortgage to purchase a house for the first time ever. I found something with three floors, a brand new roof and a new heating and cooling system. There’s a standard split style air conditioner and a fan-forced natural gas furnace. They each have a different ventilation system and the ductwork for the furnace is smaller than the ductwork for the a/c. One of the largest vents for the heating system is at the base of my staircase. I love the feeling of warmth I get right as I get to the base of the stairs every morning before work.

Cooling representative