Using electric space heater to warm up camper

We entirely wanted to go camping this weekend! However, there’s something wrong with the heating system in the camper.

It’s not warm enough outside right now for us to be able to go and camp without a heating system at all, though.

The weather is heating up a little bit now that springtime is on the way, however it’s not quite yet the time of year that you can spend time outdoors without a heating source of some sort. Anyway, my hubby and I entirely love camping and it’s been such a long time since we’ve been that we made the choice to go ahead and try to go anyway, even without a working heating system. Of course, both of us tried to get an heating and A/C specialist to come and work on the camper’s heating system for us, however they were all booked up before the weekend, we were basically on our own, and my hubby doesn’t entirely know all that much about heating and cooling systems, especially ones inside of campers. He did some reading online about our problem and he finally ended coming up with a plan of his own. He decided that he was going to rig up his own heating system for the camper, but since the electricity was working in the camper, he decided that we were going to use a small electric space heating system to heat the inside of the camper. He said that since the space was so small inside the camper, an electric space heating system would do the task. I wasn’t sure that it would be safe, however my hubby said that it would all be fine.



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