I wanted to help the family

One morning when my sister was over to visit with her young boys, the people I was with and I had a pretty nice visit.

Then when my sister was taking care of business in the washroom, my niece started telling me how amazing the air quality was that day in my house.

She said it felt nice to be able to breathe separate from having to constantly sneeze. I told her that the air quality was nice because the people I was with and I used very high quality air filters as well as changed them correctly. I asked if her mother changed the HVAC air filters as well as she said she never saw her do that. She did confess after a moment that she saw her father change the air filter a few times, but she didn’t really know how often he did that. She thought about it as well as said he couldn’t’ change them often because it was genuinely dusty in the house! Before her mother came back, she quietly told me to please not tell her that she told me about that because she might get very aggravated. I promised I wouldn’t tell her how I found out, however I wanted to go see the HVAC situation for myself. I tried to be smooth about it as well as went to visit my sister the next week. I really went to the hardware store to get a few air filters that were nice quality models. They were the right size for my sister’s Heating as well as Air Conditioning for sure. Whenever I got to my sister’s place, I just told her that I saw a huge sale on air filters as well as got a bunch of extra, so I wanted to give my sister some. Wouldn’t you know, the old air filter was filthy, so it’s a nice thing we were all able to get it changed.
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