Bad smells from the HVAC unit- what it means

Besides popular sounds and other problem indicators, HVAC systems sometimes emit unbearable odors to sign something wrong.

Even without an HVAC professional’s intervention, any weird smell indicates that something is wrong.

Before calling the HVAC technician for official analysis, try to figure out what such a scent reminds you of. When the air conditioner blows burning or any other foul smell, then several things could be wrong. Learn to identify potential issues with the aromas. When the HVAC unit smells like sweaty feet, then there is a high possibility that the condensing water from the unit is not draining correctly, leading to a dirty condenser. To fix this, one needs to clean the condenser thoroughly. The second most common smell is that of exhaust fumes. Naturally, the air conditioning unit should not smell like exhaust fumes. When it does, there is undoubtedly a problem with fuel leaks. Don’t attempt to handle this on your own lest a severe accident occurs. Call the air conditioning repair expert for professional assistance. When you perceive gun powder or burning smells, then there is a possibility that the fan motor or circuit board has short-circuited. In other instances, your HVAC unit may smell like skunk spray, which is a dangerous gas leak indication, especially in furnaces. Quickly seek professional assistance in such cases since such leaks may be hazardous to you and your family. In case of rotten smells, a dead animal may be trapped in the unit and removed immediately. A smell of mildew indicates the presence of mold and fungi growth. Make sure to locate the growth and remove them.


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