Why is my air conditioner hot instead of cold?

Naturally, air conditioners should release cold air to help with the cooling process.

In case your cooling unit does the opposite, then there is a severe mishap that needs to be addressed.

Several issues could be at play in this case. First, you may be dealing with a case of dirty filters which interfere with the free flow of air. As such, hot air is retained within the space even when the air conditioner works extra hard. It happens because the air conditioning unit cannot blow out cold air as it should. Fortunately, this is a simple problem that a quick swapping of the filters can fix. The air conditioner may be failing at its cooling job because of a wrongly set thermostat. It is possible that someone accidentally set the thermostats to heating instead of cooling. Such a simple mistake could reverse the functioning of a good and powerful AC. Always start by checking the thermostat’s setting first and adjust it accordingly. In other instances, the outdoor unit may be clogged and blocked, preventing free airflow. Confirm that this is not the problem by removing any obstacles out of the way. Unclog clogged coils and clean the unit thoroughly. Make sure to exercise caution by first switching off the unit when cleaning. One other issue that interferes with air conditioners’ cooling capacity is the refrigerant’s state. The refrigerant is responsible for the HVAC unit’s cooling ability. Check to see that the coolant has not leaked on both the inside and outside unit. You may need to contact your HVAC repair expert to fix this if it happens.


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