I’m am just not a winter type of girl

I hate the awful, cold winter months when it comes to the weather outside not allowing me to go out and do whatever the heck I feel like doing (unlike with late spring and summer, he he he heh, in which I can just roam freely and be at peace with everyone around me).

For the hot cocoas that I drink, and the nice TV shows and movies that I watch when I am locked in indoors, I do appreciate the season.

But like I said, not for the cold. And I do not know WHAT I would do if I did not have my amazing HVAC heating system, not to mention my boiler & furnace working non – stop during those times. I would have probably frozen to death, by now, were it not for these. I am so glad I was able to invest much from my savings accounts into having an HVAC tech come to this place and set me up. He not only ensured that my heating system and its exhaust were fully tip – top, as I like to say, but he also give me a few tips for winterizing my cooling unit, all in all. So now I feel more and more in control, when I hit those winter months, and never have to worry about having the right blast of heat hitting my couch, and from the right amount and angle, he heh. I can even control the heat thermostat functions from within my wall, as I please, and never worry about the settings being too hot or too cold.



Dial thermostat