Living in the United States is the best!

I have lived in the U.S.

for more than 20 years and there is one thing that I can tell you, without having but a single, little doubt in my mind : The weather can change, depending on where you go, and when you go there.

Here in the USA, we have everything from mildly warm weather to blasting ice freezes, ha ha, and you can decide how to best prepare for all of them if you do your research ahead of time, just as I have. I am an avid road – tripper and have seen every state and experienced every weather pattern there is, all in all, to be as frank as I can with you. And what you ought to take note of, on that end, is the fact that your cooling or heating situation (whether in your car, in your camper, or in that new home you just bought down the block) both can and will be different, depending on these two factors I mentioned starting off. So, where are you, and at what time are you there? Do you require cooling, or heating? Do you need ONE single HVAC expert to come out to you, for help? Or are you in a larger space or home, required several? Do you need a heater installation or an air conditioner repair? Think of all this, and plan ahead, BEFORE you go out and travel the country! I had have failed to do my proper research on HVAC cooling technician costs and system repair settings, in advance, and paid the price.

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