Supporting a small HVAC company

When I hear that someone is starting their own business, I always see if there is a way I can help them.

As a small business owner myself, I love to see the new blood, as fresh faces get involved in the community and build their own brands.

It can be a risk to work with someone new and untested instead of the more established, reliable businesses, but it’s something I like to do when I can. When it comes to something like legal or medical work, it’s best not to risk things, but for home repairs, and things like HVAC work, a small business can be a big win for everyone. The last time I dealt with a major contractor I got a quote for an HVAC upgrade that was mind boggling. I couldn;’t believe it was that expensive, so I called around and found a newer HVAC company, one that had only been around for a few months. This company was founded by an HVAC tech and his father, who ran the office, and they seemed like nice people so I got an estimate from them. When I asked why their estimate was so low compared to the HVAC contractor, he explained it item by item. He would do the work himself, instead of bringing in a whole HVAC crew, and use mostly refurbished parts. He explained to me that all his HVAC work was certified and guaranteed, and if I had any problems he would come back and fix it for free. So I took a chance, and it paid off!

Cooling specialist