Doing HVAC work in the country

It’s been a bit of an adjustment getting settled into our new arrangement. The house is lovely, actually much better than we dreamed it would be, and the town is nice enough. But my wife and I are both city folk at heart, and we really want to love it here, it’s just taking longer than we thought it would. The pace of life in the country is much slower and quieter, and maybe that is the biggest adjustment of all. We came here to escape the hustle and bustle, and now find that we miss it. I am an HVAC technician, and I am actually the only one in this area. That is part of the reason we moved here, because it was a great opportunity to open an HVAC business and not have any competition. Of course, there isn’t a lot of business out of here to fight over, but as the only heating and cooling repair tech within an hour’s drive, I have steady work. Mostly I deal in ventilation systems, because this is a very temperate, cool area and we don’t need a lot of air conditioning. Come the first of winter, everyone usually wants a heating check up, to make sure they can make it through the coldest days. Otherwise, it’s ventilation work, and a lot of that takes place in barns, as well. If you have an old barn with 1000 chickens in it, you better have some darn good ventilation if you want anything to survive in there! It’s a weird living, and I miss the city.

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