Advantages of a ductless mini-split heat pump

Having a new home that requires a small space conditioning system or rooms that require additional extension or installation of distributional ductwork, and you are wondering if the best air conditioning system to use? Worry no more.

The ductless mini-split heating pump is your best shot at solving these problems. Their small sizes and flexibility of controlling temperatures of different rooms is the most advantageous feature. This makes transportation less costly and easier. Four indoor units can be controlled by only one outdoor unit. It’s economical in the sense that you only need to condition occupied spaces and that each zone has its own thermostat. The ductwork of central forced air systems is usually associated with energy loss in this system. This makes it a perfect energy saver, reducing your energy bills. Compared to other types of space conditioners, they are easier to install. More flexibility on interior designs is also offered. This is because floor-standing models are available. Most of the indoor units are about seven inches deep, and the fact that they could be hung from the ceiling or hung on the wall. They also come with remotes for easier control of the room temperature. Because they make very small holes on the wall, they keep your home safe from intruders. Other air conditioning systems that are usually connected to windows require bigger holes on the wall, making it easy for insects and intruders to access the room, especially petty thieves.
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