Energy Star to the rescue

I never considered the fact that there may be help online to help me save on my energy bills.

I had heard about Energy Star Ratings for new appliances but never knew that there was an organization that could help with information about other savings. It all started with an online search for a list of things to do to keep my HVAC system running better. I wanted to try doing some of the cleaning and maintenance on my own so I wouldn’t have to pay for the services all the time. I knew that many people did this so I figured that it couldn’t be that hard. I already changed the filters on my own so a few extra steps should be easy, right? It turns out that the Energy Star site has a complete list of items that you can do around your home, including an HVAC checklist, to help you save on annual energy costs. It is not just about the rating system on appliances. They even have programs that are listed on their site where you can get things to better insulate around windows and doors to help save on your heating and cooling costs. The HVAC and appliance maintenance guides can help you know when it is best to call in a professional too. Did you know that by vacuuming out your air vents and cleaning the coils on your HVAC unit you can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system overall. I only knew I needed to change the filter. I am glad that I found this resource online and will check back frequently to see if there are other money saving tips on there.

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