Bed smells in our new house

I recently moved into a new house with my two really good friends.

  • So far everything is going really well but there is something that I can foresee being a really big problem in the future.

One of my new roommates has a new boyfriend that is always over at the house. I don’t mind that she has her boyfriend over at all, but I do mind that he smells really bad. He is always coming over right after the gym and he smells so bad. I know that he doesn’t shower and I think it is starting to make our house smell bad. He will leave his smell shoes right in the middle of the living room and it makes everything smell a lot worse. I really want to get an air purification system installed with our HVAC system so that we can help combat this smell issue, but getting the air purification system is really expensive and I don’t think that my roommates will be willing to split the cost. I know that getting the air purification system will really help out with the odor in our house. I am in talks with a local HVAC company to see how much money it would actually cost to have the air purification system installed. So hopefully it won’t cost as much as we original thought. I am hoping the HVAC company comes back with good news for me so that I can tell my roommates that it won’t cost us as much for the air purification system. I am not getting my hopes up, but that would be really awesome!

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