I envisioned comfort in my life

I’m not a particularly “woo” person, or anything like that… but I do believe that life is what you make it. As in, whatever you put in your head and whatever programs you continually activate day to day will determine what becomes of you. And it really is this simple. Your psychology is easily swayed by any positive or negative thoughts you have. Things can go upwards or downwards from there. For instance, if you’re always assuming that things won’t work out… they won’t work out, mostly because you’re sabotaging yourself. SImilarly, if you always believe that you’re going to live in discomfort, you will continue to have a horrible heating, cooling, and air quality control set up that doesn’t allow you the indoor air quality or air temperature control that you deserve. You’ll never escape from the energy company. You’ll perpetually be calling the local heating, cooling, and ventilation repair shop for emergency appointments. You’ll never hear about high quality, high efficiency indoor air temperature control options, such as heat pumps and smart thermostats. In short, you’ll live as a slave to your uncomfortable home and never understand why you fear your own thermostat. I can tell you, because I lived in this air temperature hell for many years. It wasn’t until a good friend told me that it was possible to have better heating and cooling options that I finally believed it to be true. Within a month, I upgraded my entire HVAC system. I’ve been living with extreme indoor comfort and miniscule energy bills ever since I started to believe I could find a better HVAC solution.

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