Getting a Break on HVAC Installation

I own a little house in a bedroom community of the major city in our area. The little town where my house is located will likely never become overcrowded, as the school system is not all that great. Until they fix their school problems, people with families will not be interested in moving there. Nonetheless, I purchased a house there 18 years ago. I had all sorts of problems come up about seven years later, and I had to move out. I didn’t sell the home; instead, I began using it as a rental. I have been renting it out ever since then. I plan to use it as my retirement home, and I am renting until I move back into it. Anyway, I still have to maintain the home, obviously. The most regular cost is yard maintenance. That has to be done on a regular basis. But the biggest cost has been HVAC. The heating and cooling unit was old when I bought the house. During the seven years I lived in it, I had to replace the ductwork twice because stray animals found a way under my house and ripped the ducts to shreds. Then, I was air conditioning the whole world instead of just my house. While renters have been there, I have had to repair the a/c several times, as well. Eventually, the heating and cooling company owner informed me that he was no longer able to get parts for my HVAC unit and I would have to replace the air conditioning. I hated to do it, but I had to part with a few thousands dollars to get the new air conditioner. The good news is that he gave me a bit of a price break!

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