Kinesthetic Learner Decides to Go to Career School

When I was young, if you wanted to learn a skill after high school, you would go to what they called a trade school or a vocational school.

Women often went to learn how to be good secretaries, nurses, or hairstylists.

Men would often go to learn how to become a plumber, an electrician, or an air conditioning repair technician. At some point in time, it became kind of an unacceptable goal to learn a trade, and all students were always encouraged to go to college. That is absolutely ridiculous, as not everyone is interested in four more years of book learning. Now, the pendulum is swinging back, and people are often encouraged to go to what they now call career schools. They call them that because they specifically teach you a career. As a high school teacher, I had many students who likely would have done better learning a trade such as plumbing or air conditioning repair. Kinesthetic learners, in particular, are often better suited to trades such as electricians or HVAC installers. We were actually not allowed to suggest to our students that they learn how to fix heating and cooling units or how to cut hair back in those days, but nowadays, it is perfectly acceptable once again. I did have one really smart student who told me he wanted to go to a career school, but his guidance counselor was warning him against it. He came to me for advice, and I knew that he was truly a kinesthetic learner. If he could not hold it or touch it, he had difficulty learning it. I told him to do what his heart told him to do, and as a result, I get free a/c and furnace repair whenever I need it from my former student!

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