Renting Has some Advantages

Do you prefer to rent or own your home? I have always preferred to own my own home because whether you rent or buy, you must pay for the space you occupy.

I still prefer to own, but at the moment, I am renting a townhouse.

I have come to discover that renting the space you occupy does indeed have some advantages. The biggest advantage to renting is that as a renter, I am not responsible for the costs of any repairs that have to be made. My property owner and I also have an agreement that anything that costs under $100, I can just get it repaired and deduct the money from the rent payment. That is pretty convenient, and I have done that often. One thing I will never just call a repairman for, though, is the heating and cooling. If the HVAC has a problem, I call the landlord straightaway. It might be something that doesn’t cost a lot, but chances are, any repair the air conditioning or heater needs will cost a pretty penny. Sometimes, the heating and cooling companies will charge more than $100 just to make the a/c service call. I guess they do that in order to keep people who have no intention of repairing the problem from wasting their time, but I am always astonished by it, anyway. It has become common practice, but I think they have a lot of nerve. Anyway, in the time I have lived here, the owner has only had to deal with the a/c two times, so I guess that’s not too bad.

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