Replacing the A/C Unit in my Older Home

I own a historic home that is now almost 100 years old.

I absolutely love the quaint little house, and to be honest, it hardly ever needs any repairs. I swear they just made stuff better back then. I hired someone to put in a doggy door for me, and he told me he could barely even cut through the wood because it was so hard. Of course, I have to paint regularly, and once or twice I have had to have the hardwood floors maintained, but other than that, maintenance has been minimal. When I go to move into it myself, I will get work done to the windows or get them replaced, but I don’t spend anything on that now. That’s why, when the property manager called me last month, I wasn’t too upset, even though she was calling me about the heating and cooling. The tenant had complained about high utility bills and the house not getting cool enough, so she called in the heating and cooling repair guy. He is the only HVAC repair company in town, but he does a good job, and I am pretty sure he is honest. Anyway, he informed me that my a/c was actually twenty-five years old! I had no idea it was that old, but I did buy the house 18 years ago, and the a/c and furnace are the same ones that were in it when I bought the house. So I guess that makes sense. Well, I can’t complain about replacing the air conditioner when it is 25 years old, can I?

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