Should He Get a Pool Heater?

About a year ago, or maybe a bit more, my brother bought a big house.

It is really huge, and I don’t really understand why he would choose to get such a gigantic house when he is getting older and living alone.

One part of the purchase I truly do understand, though, and that is the backyard swimming pool. The pool is so gorgeous, and I would totally love to have a pool of my own. Of course, that would mean I would have to pay someone to take care of it because I just don’t have the strength and fortitude to do that kind of thing anymore. Anyway, he is now trying to decide if he should get a pool heater. It is October, and he lives a bit farther north than I do, so he really does have a winter. He wants to swim every single day, and last winter, he felt like the pool was air conditioned rather than just wet! He is so silly. He asked my opinion on whether he should get a heater or not, and I actually think he should. He enjoys cooler water, but not that cold! I recommend he bring in an HVAC guy or whatever and see if he can connect the heater to the heating system in the house. If that isn’t possible, I think he ought to strongly consider solar heating. I mean, even if it can’t be used all the time, surely solar heating will save him money on his utilities, right? I figure if you are going to have a pool, you ought to be able to use it, and if that means a heater installation is in his future, so be it.

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