HVAC and safety concerns

My sister is not the brightest person in the world.

She has always been very book smart, but when it comes to common sense she is really lacking in that department.

I can’t even count all of the times that she has done something and I looked at her like she was an idiot. I wonder how a girl that is so smart can make the decisions that she does sometimes. Last week my sister called me because she was having problems with her heating and cooling system. I told her that I didn’t know anything about heating and cooling system so she should just call a local HVAC company to come out and service her HVAC system. I told her that if she started to mess with it that she might cause more problems and cause some real damage to her HVAC system. However, she did not listen to me and now she has to call the local fire department as well as the HVAC company. Somehow while she was trying to fix her HVAC system she ended up causing an electrical fire. I have no idea how she did this but it is kinda funny that she was able to make such a big mess of everything while I told her to not do anything at all. However, she really doesn’t like to listen to me at all so I hope that she can start to in the future. I think if she would have listened to me in the first place we would not have had any issue to begin with!



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