I made a big mistake thinking I could handle the living room AC unit by myself.

One of my biggest faults is that I won’t ask for help.

  • Although help is often offered, I hate to think that I am taking time away from other people.

That’s the reason why I had to purchase a new air conditioning unit for my living room. I wanted to have the AC unit removed and cleaned so I could put it away for winter. I had said something to my son about helping me, but he had a date with his girlfriend. My husband was away on business, so I decided, after a lot of deliberation, that I could remove the air conditioning unit by myself. I pulled the cart out of the spare room, and lined it up with the air conditioning unit. I even put blocks on the wheels so I didn’t need to worry about it moving. I opened the window, all prepared for the weight of the air conditioning unit to settle onto my hip. When I didn’t feel the weight, I knew I was in trouble. I tried to close the window, but it was stuck. All I could do was watch in horror as the brace broke and the air conditioning unit slid out of the window and onto the ground. The front was broken and there were dents in the back. I tried plugging it in, but nothing happened. I went inside and closed the window, and called my son. I needed a ride to town so I could purchase a new air conditioning unit. I also needed help getting the old AC unit up onto the porch.

a/c serviceman