Customer had odd request

When you toil in a field that deals with people, you are bound to have a few odd requests every now and then.

I would say for the most section in our career field, everything is normal.

My job as a Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C worker is to go out and fix people’s a/cs and gas furnaces mostly, but other services I offer are duct cleanings, insulation service and Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C replacement. Anyways, our job is mostly the same thing, I go to people’s homes and address the issue, fix the issue and then go on our way to the next appointment. So when a client has a odd request, it constantly stands out against the correct stuff I see everyday. This client was requesting that I remove her current oil furnace to replace it with a much smaller and less efficient gas furnace. At first I thought that she was trying to save currency and so I warned her that the small and less efficient heating unit would not toil for her loft and it would cause it to run all of the times which would eventually cause it to break, but she interrupted me to tell me that she knows it is ineffective, but that she wanted it anyway because it was the “prettiest model” . That was the first time I have ever heard someone call a Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C unit pretty, because all the people don’t see them as appealing machines. She paid me to remove her old gas furnace and install the current 1, but the entire time I was shaking our head in disbelief that this lady was removing a perfectly wonderful oil furnace to replace it with 1 that was less efficient and in her words, prettier.

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