I’m convincing as car salesman

There are very few things in life that can make me change my mind once I have decided on something.

I have always been a pretty stubborn person, but when it comes to my kids, if they always have this strange ability to convince me to change my mind. For the past few months my two kids had been bugging me non-stop about wanting to have radiant heated flooring put in the living room. I am pretty old school and I had never even heard of radiant heating before, so my two kids sat me down in my office and explain to me in detail the process of radiant flooring. At the end of the mini presentation I have to say I was impressed, but I was just as confused as to why these two young kids wanted it in the first place. When I asked him what the reason was behind wanting my wife and I to make this big time investment, they told me that reading flooring is much more eco-friendly, and they want to do everything they can to make sure that our family is making sure that our carbon footprint is as little as possible. I have to say, for a couple of teenagers I am so impressed that they can think about things that are serious and important, rather than the majority of other kids who only care about going to parties with friends! Even those a bit of our expensive installation, my wife and I were now on the kids side and we are planning to have the Radiant heated floors installed. If my kids don’t end up going into the entrepreneurial field when I get older I will be shocked, because these kids could sell anything to anybody if I really wanted to!
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