The toilet water is steaming

A couple months ago, my husband decided he wanted to do some plumbing.

He installed a new toilet in our master bathroom.

He ended up switching the water lines and we ended up with hot water running into our toilet. He didn’t realize it until I was cleaning the bathroom, a couple hours later. I felt the hot water, the instant I went to scrub inside the rim. I yelled to him and told he had made some kind of mistake. He thought I was crazy until he felt the water in the tank of the toilet. He went back downstairs to see what he had done. It wasn’t such a crazy mistake, but somehow, he also done something to the furnace. We have a boiler, and the boiler heats our water, along with heating the house. Somehow, he had hooked into the wrong water pipes if we had hot water. We didn’t even have a hot water line leading up to the toilet. He tried tracing everything back to the boiler, but he couldn’t find where he had screwed up. He called our son, who is a plumber/HVAC technician and he happened to be off duty that day. When Sam arrived, he went over everything my husband had done. He traced all of the pipes back to the toilet and he couldn’t’ find anything. Then he saw where my husband had added a piece of pipe. When he asked his dad why there was a pipe there, my husband said that he was going to install a shut off valve. Sam laughed and told him to call him next time he wanted any plumbing or HVAC work done.

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