All I wanted was a glass of water.

I had gone to the sink for a glass of water, but there wasn’t any water.

I said something to my husband, hoping that there wasn’t a problem with my well.

An hour later, he told me to call our son Sam. There wasn’t any water anywhere in the house, and now the furnace wasn’t running. It was getting cold in the house, without the heating system running that I was beginning to shiver. When Sam got there, he went right to work on getting the boiler working. Apparently, instead of first looking to see if there was a problem with the water going to the sink, he had shut everything down, and he first looked at the well pump. He forgot that not having water meant that we wouldn’t have heat, since we have a boiler furnace. Our heat is delivered through water pipes and the heat is transferred from the baseboard heaters to the floor. Sam was busy helping him check the water pump, while I was packing up to go to my daughter’s until the water was on, and the boiler was running again. My husband called a couple hours later and told me that I had to pick him up. We were going to a hotel for the night. Sam had a crew of workers at our house, trying to fix the pump so he could get the furnace running for heat. He promised the furnace would be running and we would have heat, by mid-morning. In the meantime we were supposed to relax in a warm hotel.
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