Searching for a warm place to sleep

When my husband and I had our house fire, we were devastated.

We suddenly had nowhere to go and we just wanted to lay down and get some rest.

We went to two different hotels that told us they were full. I was pretty sure it was because all we had was a basket of clothing and the clothes we were wearing. Considering we had just come from a house fire, I thought we looked pretty good. My husband even showed them our credit card, but they wouldn’t budge. When we walked into the third hotel, even before the clerk said anything, I explained about the fire and I told them all we wanted was a warm room and a place to sleep. He took our credit card and told us we could only stay one night. We got into the room and I took a shower in the warmth of the hot water. While my husband showered, I checked the thermostat to make sure the heating was working well. My husband came out of the bathroom and told me he had already set the thermostat and he assured me the HVAC system was working well. I just wanted to quit shivering and forget about the day we had just endured. I stood out in the snow, waiting for the firemen and watching my home burn. My husband was at work and I was alone until my brother-in-law showed up. He had heard the call over his scanner and he came to check on me. He put me in his car, with the heater running, and called my husband home from work.


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