Calling the HVAC company just slipped my mind

It was a Sunday afternoon and my husband was testing the furnace. I always have to laugh when he does his pre-maintenance maintenance. He wants to know what is wrong with the furnace before the HVAC company comes in so he doesn’t feel like he is getting ripped off. Anyway, when he did the testing, he told me that the furnace looked good to him, and the next time I had a chance, he wanted me to call the HVAC company. Normally, I would write this down so I don’t forget, but I had a deadline to reach at work. I had several late nights working with my crew and trying to get all the details laid out on the blueprints. Two weeks later, the blueprints were complete and then we had to take the blueprints to the designer so he could coordinate everything. Once everything was complete, we took the model, blueprints and design plans to the owner of the building we were constructing. After more than three weeks had gone by, I still wasn’t thinking about the furnace and I hadn’t made the phone call. When I got home that night, my husband asked me about the HVAC company. He was really perturbed that I hadn’t called the HVAC as of yet. He knew how busy I was and he knew that all he had to do was to remind me. I ended up yelling at him that he could have made the phone hisself. I stopped mid-sentence as I realized what I was saying. My husband was deaf and he couldn’t hear on the telephone.

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