Enjoying the a/c at a rec center

We have this really cool recreation center downtown.

When I say really cool, I mean that in several ways. I used to hang out in the recreation with my friends, all of the time. We would play basketball, or use the swimming pool or workout equipment. We also had a computer lab in our recreation center. The guys and I used to go to the recreation center just to get out of the heat. They also have excellent air conditioning in the recreation center. My friends and I found the recreation center when we were looking for someplace to go to get out of the heat. We have other basketball courts in town, but most of them are on the hot playgrounds. The rec center advertised that they had air conditioning and a basketball court and it was open to everyone. One day, we walked into the rec center and there were a bunch of guys playing basketball, and their time had just started. We sat on the bleachers, enjoying the air conditioning, and I was bouncing the basketball. When one of their guys got hurt, they nodded at me to join them. As cool as I felt with the air conditioning blowing over me, I got overheated while I was playing. It was funny because I realized some of us had gone to school together and we were in the some of same classes. After the game, we all headed down to one of our local burger joints. Their air conditioning was as nice as the rec center. A couple years later and we are all still friends. It’s amazing how the air conditioning was able to bring about a great friendship.


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