The building had an aging commercial AC unit that was 2 decades old

We don’t find it hard to go to work these days.

However, last year the office we work in had major faults with their central heating and AC unit.

It was not delivering out the right air flow and it made going to work so not fun. Since summer, not having a working air conditioner made it strenuous to work in that place. But eventually the bosses did something about it and got a modern commercial heating and AC unit. This just happened this year. Now going to work is a breeze and we have the best indoor comfort. That old commercial heating and AC that they had was over 2 decades old or more. This is why it was acting up and not providing proper air conditioning. Companies can drag their feet when they don’t want to dump thousands of dollars into current heating and AC units. And the corporation we work for is no different. But it reached a point where the lack of air conditioning was impacting the productivity and workflow of all the people around the office. It’s why they took action. Besides, if they were not providing good company then that would eventually hurt them more than a few grand or so for a modern heating and AC. All is good now and hopefully it will stay that way until we leave for another company.