The poor cooling system was affecting productivity at the corporation

Everyone is glad to enter the factory floor now.

But, before, this place had serious concerns with their central AC unit.

There was barely any air flow which made going to work so terrible. With the rising summer heat here and not having cool flowing air, everyone found it difficult to work in the factory. The bosses finally woke up and installed a new modern commercial AC unit. This just happened 10 days ago. Now going to work feels better for everyone since we have the best indoor comfort. The old commercial AC unit that they had was on its last leg. No wonder it was acting up and not blowing sufficient air into the factory. Bosses can be lazy and cheap, not wanting to incur thousands of dollars in cost for a new AC. This company we work for acts the same way. But it reached a point where the lack of a/c was affecting the productivity and workflow of everyone around the office, so they had to make the upgrade. After all, if they were not providing fantastic work floors then that would eventually hurt them more than a few grand or so for a new AC unit. Now all is well and we hope they continue caring for workers.