The old bowling alley has great AC

I don’t think people do as much bowling nowadays, as they did when I was younger.

My pals and I used to spend most of our time down at the bowling alley.

The bowling alley was where we took the first dates and the last dates. We found that it was also one of the coolest places in town. During the summer, when it got overly hot and humid, we could always go to the bowling alley. The owner thought that his excellent air conditioning system was what drew the people in, but it was the bowling that kept them. We didn’t have a lot of pools in our area, but we always had the refreshing air conditioning at the bowling alley. They even had the most modern of score keeping available. There was a screen at the score takers desk, where the score came up and you didn’t need to use paper and pencil. We liked to pretend we went to the bowling alley for only the air conditioning, but it was also a pretty cool place to go. The owner’s son was one of the cool kids at school, so we didn’t think it was totally geeky to show up there. Now that I am older, I have excelling air conditioning at home, so I don’t go bowling just for the air conditioning. I take my kids and we have a great family night. It reminds me of when my pals and I used to go there all the time. We were all looking for the elusive 300 game, but none of us ever saw it.



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