My husband is an AC fanatic

My husband has a lot of really quirky ideas.

For one thing, he needs to have hot sauce on everything.

When I set the table, I have to put hot sauce by his plate and it drives me nuts. I am a pescatarian, but he hates fish. Do you know how hard it is to make two meals every night. Most of the time I end up eating only salads so I can make sure his carnivorous side is satisfied. He also has this need for having it habitually cold in our house. When he is gone, I turned the thermostat up to about seventy-two. I like it on the warmer side, and I know that it helps on the energy bills. About fifteen minutes before he gets home, I put on a jacket and turn the AC back down to sixty-eight. If he has a really bad day, he will come in all sweaty and turn the thermostat down to sixty-five. He will usually turn the AC temp back up to sixty-eight once he is calm, but it isn’t soon enough for me. In the bedroom, the thermostat is always set to sixty-five. I curl up under the covers in an attempt to get warm enough to go to sleep. I often wear socks so my feet down freeze. He is laying there without any covers and cool and comfortable with the air vents blowing the air conditioning directly on him. He makes me feel even colder and he’s lucky I love him. I know that if he wasn’t such a wonderful guy, I would not be with him.

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