I take home comfort serious

The comfort of my home is a very serious matter for me.

I work outside all day long and when I come home, I want to be comfortable.

My wife and I know that a comfortable environment is tantamount to being able to relax. We have furniture that is made to relax in, a large screen television set so we don’t strain our eyes, and the best HVAC system that we could buy. There is nothing that is taken more seriously than the climate control of our home. The air conditioner probably gets the best care since we live in an area where we have constant upper eighties and nineties for almost eight months a year. I don’t know of anyone in our area that doesn’t have air conditioning. If they don’t have air conditioning, I take a serious look at the sanity of the person. I know I wouldn’t want to be close friends with them, or even go to their home. When we had the AC unit installed, we also bought a programmable thermostat. All because we like it super cool in the house, doesn’t mean we aren’t energy conscious. When no one is home, the thermostat resets to seventy-five. We have it programmed so that when we are home, the thermostat is set to seventy. Last week, I reprogrammed it so I didn’t have to worry about coming home to a hot house. About half an hour before I get home from work, the thermostat will turn the temperature down and the air conditioning will have my home cool and comfortable before I get home from work.


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