Radiant floor heat makes winter much nicer

I love when I have a weekend off and it is cold and miserable.

I usually do the same thing every time this happens.

I love the dreary wet weather, as long as I am inside and it is outside. I like the fact that it is so easy to make my home bright, warm and cheery. A couple years ago, I made some improvements to my home, which helps me to get the coziness I desire. I wake up in the morning, put my bare feet on the floor and instead of frigid floors, I am greeted with radiant heated flooring. That is the perfect start to a cold, miserable day. When I take my shower, the tiles are heated with the radiant heating. I have a fireplace in the living and it is set up so I can even do some cooking over it. It is so nice to be able to grab a cup of coffee or tea and cozy up on my living room sofa, while enjoying the fireplace. I can read a book, take a nap or just enjoy writing in my journal for a couple of hours. Even after the fire in fireplace burns out, I still have the radiant heating to keep me warm and cozy. When I had the remodeling done, they pulled up my flooring and put heating beneath the floors. Whatever comes in contact with my heated floors, has gentle heat radiating throughout. That’s good because I don’t walk on the ceiling, so who needs the heat up there, when I can use it on my floors.

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