A greedy divorce lawyer

Basically everytime the phone goes off in my pocket, I keep thinking it will be the divorce lawyer.

My fiance & I have been separated for a few years now, and we are still trying to end the divorce. At first, the people I was with and I were going to have an amicable split! We both thought that it was fair to sell the home & chop the proceeds. We agreed that I would keep the cat, & she would keep the cat. We agreed to chop the money in our savings account, mutual fund, & stocks. My fiance met a new man not super long after we separated, and then things started to change. I don’t know what actually happened, but my fiance started making a modern list of demands. I had to pick up a divorce lawyer to answer all of the paperwork & motions. We were set to meet with a judge, when my fiance changed her mind about selling the house. It’s been multiple years since the first afternoon that I retained the divorce lawyer, and it hasn’t been super ineffective. I moneyed in my stocks & bonds to retain the divorce lawyer, & he keeps asking for more money, then neither 1 of us expected the divorce to drag on this long, so I totally get as to why the divorce lawyer wants more cash on hand. Who doesn’t? With that being said, I am running out of funds & I see no end in sight. Some nights I think love it might be better to let my fiance keep the house, however even though I built the front porch all on my own. I am so fed up with dodging PC calls from the lawyer. I just wish this whole thing would come to a close.

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