Sharing the office down at work

Ever since I was a kid I was interested in interior design.

I love decorating a area and finding the perfect things to adorn the room! After school was wrapped up, I started finally working for a design firm in the city, but they treated me entirely well, and I was making a good living.

I went on and put on a few different tests on a concept design for the up-to-date History Museum, and I ran tests on the design for the Downtown Aquarium. I also ran tests on a few residential professions. Working for someone else was great, but I still wanted my own business. I saved money for an entire year. When I had saved enough money for an office, I started looking in the newspaper, online, and on Facebook. There was a very good amount of office rentals in Lockport, NY, but a ton of them were out of my price range. I found an interesting ad on Facebook for a shared office space, and someone with an accounting firm was on the hunt for another person to share an office area in Lockport, NY. I never thought about sharing the area with another person, but it seemed like a good way to save money to put towards something else. I met with the accountant, and her and I became instant friends. She is two or three years older than me, but she graduated from the same alma mater. I signed the official lease on the office rental in Lockport, NY last month. We share the rent and the utilities, and we have an office of our own. I have a strong feeling that things are going to work out well. I already have two design jobs busy for next week, and a third job busy for the following month.

incubator office space