Helping My wife Feel Safe

Thankfully, all he had to do was replace the LED light

Carla has been a big worrier ever since I met her, but I understand where it comes from, so I try to support her whenever she starts to panic. She cannot sleep at all unless the light in the hall is on overnight. When we first bought our new home, her mind immediately went to installing a full-blown security system. While I assured her over and over that we were in a very safe neighborhood, she still wasn’t comfortable without the security equipment. I couldn’t help but see where she was coming from, considering her childhood trauma. Carla was very young when she was asleep in her home during an attempted robbery. She even had to go to court and testify against the robbers. Ever since then, she has been understandably terrified of home invasions. When we first moved into our new home, Carla insisted on getting flood lights, motion detectors, and alarm sensors for all of the doors and windows. We searched for a security company and found one that had all of the equipment on hand ready to be installed. We made an appointment with them for the following day, and they had all the equipment installed very quickly. The other day, Carla was suddenly very upset when she noticed a problem with the Alarm’s indicator light. While the light usually flashes, Carla saw that it was off completely. In a panic, she quickly called the security company and told them about the problem. A tech was sent out immediately to further inspect the problem. Thankfully, all he had to do was replace the LED light. He did so without charging us. My wife may worry a lot, but I always do what I can to make sure she feels safe in our home.

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