I think my wife is getting carried away with these dreary romance movies…

You see, my partner gets a little crazy when she decides to watch her sappy love films, and she always does the same thing every time.

To the thermostat she goes, cranking up the a/c unit, and then she gets a bunch of blankets to watch her films.

From there, I come back home to a scene straight from those movies! My wife, crying alone in a freezing house. It used to freak me out! I was wondering what was going on, but now that I’ve seen her like this so many times that it doesn’t phase me. I believe I can understand why she enjoys watching films like that, though I truthfully don’t get why she has to crank up the air conditioning like these romance films will somehow warm her up. It doesn’t even have to be a hot day for her to do this kind of thing, either! More often than not, the home is chilly inside – and the temperature is cold outside, too. There’s no escaping it! I can’t even stay in the house she does this. Grabbing something to eat, hanging out with some friends, or even a trip to the dentist is preferred to this! I would rather be someplace else than in that freezing home with her, acting as her tissue dispenser while she cries non-stop. When I was talking with some buddies about the situation, they were telling me I should look into picking up a Heating and A/C zone control for the house. They explained how I could use this to let her blast the a/c all she wanted in the living room, while the remainder of the household stays at a normal temperature. I think that’s definitely worth looking into – anything to make this more tolerable!

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