Some people just have cold hands… that’s normal, right?

When I first started dating who would one day be my wife, it didn’t take long for me to learn how frigid her hands always were.

Like a cold dead fish, they were.

It was almost irritating for me to hold hands with her, and her hands were so cold that I’d feel too cold in turn! It was the same situation with her even if I had a jacket and gloves on. The freezing hands won, every time! I thought maybe she had some kind of problem with her circulation or something, so I felt it was not wise to make any commentaries or jokes about it. Maybe she needed to see a medical professional? One day, she seemed to sense my concerns and explained to myself about how it was always a thing with her. She said as long as I had the furnace cranked up, there wouldn’t be any problem and her hands would warm right up. I didn’t exactly prefer having the furnace running to maintain warmth, as we started fighting a little bit about the thermostat settings for the temperature control system. If I didn’t love her to the moon and back, I really would have called this off! I did entirely appreciate her and love her to death, even with our endless bickering about the thermostat settings. Spending time at her place always meant that it felt like an oven all the time, but a cozy electric blanket gifted to her for Christmas really helped with the cold hands. It was something like her own little heating system, but way cheaper and more economic than a a portable space heater! Honestly, that electric blanket helped tremendously with her cold hands. Using that, she never needed to fiddle with the temperature control!