I was able to install the modern smart control unit on our own

I’ve never been too good at installing things or fixing stuff around the house. I was able to accomplish something good not too long ago, but that was practically a one-time thing! I decided to replace the control unit to a smart control unit, see. I would handle the replacement on my own, which I felt I could handle. However, I know these are pretty easy to install and surely I could handle the repairs – or so I thought. I was so sure, I even had my buddy video tape the repairs for my reference later. I looked at a bunch of replacement videos for our smart control unit, which made it look pretty exactly the same as theirs and fairly easy to handle the repair. The first thing I had to do though was check to verify the smart control unit was compatible with our Heating plus A/C system – Again, pretty easy. I just marked all the letters I seen behind the old control unit, and from there I verified compatibility. It entirely wasn’t awful at all, as I labeled the wires and just hooked everything up as instructed in the videos. I felt like a heating and air conditioning repair professional! I inspected the modern A/C unit, which worked like a dream – much to my surprise. I even installed the app on my phone, simply so that I could modify the heating or air conditioning settings from anywhere with a data connection. I knew this would come in handy! I would forget to adjust the control unit all the time, as I was almost always rushing out of the house. I was proud of myself for handling this replacement on my own from beginning to end!

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