You only live once… unless you’re a cat?

A few weekends ago, our friend’s party was a huge blast! When I first got the invite for it, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to make it.

I really wanted to go, but this jerk boss of mine was asking for overtime hours! But hey, I took a page from the book of one of my heroes, and decided to go.

You only live once, right? I wanted to have a great time that weekend, as I was already stressed out anyway. I needed to live a little according to my friends, anyway – I worked all the time! They weren’t wrong, you know. It was a nice break for me, and the party was absolute mayhem in the best way! However, my good friend has an indoor swimming pool which was perfect for me! The thermostat settings were just right, too – so of course I took a dip. Now in my experience with swimming, I usually am out there in the blazing sunlight with a bunch of sunscreen all over me. This wasn’t the case at my buddy’s house, as I didn’t even have to wear sunscreen at all! The water was heated just right, with thermostat settings set to keep the pool warm despite the chilly outdoor temperatures. We all played fun drinking games, and swam around to relax in the pool. Everyone there at the party were great! I easily became pretty nice friends with a lot of the people there, as we all shared such a good time – of course, the alcohol did help with that. All things considered, the party was a huge hit and everyone had a great time, but my friend and his stellar heating system for the indoor pool really sold the whole event. I’m sure it would’ve been fun as long as we were indoors, and had access to a furnace or other heater, but that pool was so much fun!


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