Why is the remote always found in the dumbest place?

Living with roommates back in my college days, the most treasured thing we had must’ve been the window a/c unit in the living room. Without it, we were always hot in our rooms. It was always difficult to focus on studying for our tests, even when I had a fan running all the time in my room! It was basically just a bunch of hot air being blown around – good for air circulation, but it didn’t really make much of a difference in temperatures. With a central Heating and A/C system in the house, you’d think we would have this under control! But sadly for us, the HVAC system had all kinds of issues. When the property owner didn’t want to do anything to have it repaired, we couldn’t really demand change since we were already behind on our rent payments. We just had to suffer in the terrible air quality for months! Well, until I got the window a/c for our living room for Christmas. It was the best ever! That piece of equipment worked like a mule for hours on end, pushing the nice cool air into the house without issue! I entirely enjoyed how the a/c unit was the equipped with a remote control, so we could stay seated while adjusting the temperature controls for the A/C unit. Studying and working on various projects for school meant I couldn’t really get away from the desk, so the remote helped a lot! I easily did lose the remote control on accident a few times, so I had to have it replaced. Sad, I know! Before long I felt like the roommates were playing pranks on me, as they knew how much I enjoyed using that remote – they wouldn’t dare fiddle with the actual A/C unit though!


Air conditioning worker