A soured dinner party, a broken thermostat, and two very sore heads in the morning

Having company over for dinner is such a joy for me.

Really, it is! I would have parties all the time, usually every other weekend, just because.

Recently though things got a little out of control when my “open bar” went dry. Two women – friends of friends – were absolutely trashed at a low-key dinner party. Ridiculous, right? Well it gets worse! They wound up fighting over the thermostat settings for my heating and air conditioning system in my house. Though I don’t often mind if people adjust the temperature control, this was just getting out of hand! They would slap each other’s hands as they tried to switch the system from heating to air conditioning, back and forth, for over an hour. They started yelling at each other not to change the settings, and then came the insults that really sent them over the edge. By this point, it was an all out fistfight! I never saw anything like it. They were throwing haymakers at each other, as I tried to stop them as did the others. The one woman pushed the other hard into the control unit, which caused the unit to fall to the floor and get trampled in their fight. They actually broke it, like a couple of grumpy toddler! Oh, I was mad as could be. My friends still talk about how red I turned. I shouted louder than I ever have, and immediately sent them out of my house. On top of that, they were going to have to pay for a replacement thermostat – or they could forget ever being allowed on my property again! The friend that brought these two knuckleheads apologized at least a dozen times, telling me how sorry she was for their behavior. It wasn’t her fault, but come on – don’t let your friends get belligerent drunk!