Spooky abandoned warehouse with a fully functional HVAC system… talk about unusual.

Working as a security guard requires a certain kind of personality type.

You have to be calm, collected, and prepared to work in hot or cold places without proper heating and air conditioning systems to keep you comfortable.

If the lack of heating and A/C doesn’t worry you, know that sometimes, you have to be the first responder in frightening or dangerous situations! That can be pretty demanding on the mind and body. I’ve worked a pretty easy security job for this company in town for almost a decade, and I’ve seen some crazy stuff, but nothing compares to this one particular place. I have come to refer to it simply as, “the Warehouse”. It’s not catchy, but that’s not the point! “The Warehouse” was a massive hollowed out distribution center in the industrial parks outside of town. Most of these places were shut down, or didn’t operate at night, so you rarely saw lights on in any of them – except for this one. When I was assigned to it, I walked the grounds and could only get glimpses of the interior. It was totally empty, but I could feel ice-cold air conditioning blasting between the cracks of the bay doors. Whatever was in there must’ve been top-secret! Imagine having a place the size of five or six supermarkets combined, kept ice-cold at all times, and with virtually nothing in storage. It really makes you wonder why they need such powerful air conditioning, right? What could be in a warehouse that big that has to use the most powerful air conditioning system on Earth to stay cold? I have my theories, but trust me – the world isn’t ready for them!

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