John opened a bee removal business in town

My friend John recently opened up a new business here in town, and it’s something that I never even realized that he was interested in.

He is starting up a professional bee removal service.

Bee removal is something that I’d heard of in the past, but I never realized that there was such a market for it, especially in our area. John says that you’d be surprised how many calls he has already received and that he’s optimistic about the success of the business. He and his brother are certified bee specialists. This means that they are trained in handling stinging insects like bees, wasps, and hornets. Since bees are known to sting in groups of large numbers, bee specialists have to wear special protective gear and clothing to keep themselves safe from stings. John says that since bees are so important to the environment, he will only remove a bees’ nest if the bees are actually a threat to the humans living in the area. He has to follow certain government and environmental codes as far as bee removal and relocation goes, too. There’s a certain protocol that he has to follow in order to make sure that the bees are protected as well as the humans and other animals in the area. John has always been interested in the environment, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that he has chosen this career path. I just never thought that someone could make a living off of getting rid of someone else’s bee problem! There’s all kinds of service work out there that I just never knew about, I guess.

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