My temperature control is set at 74 degrees when I sleep

I have always struggled to sleep in sites that are not our home.

If I spend the night at our family’s house, I can never fully sleep in a comfortable way, but their houses are usually too sizzling for myself and others because they prefer to keep their homes at a particular temperature! When I sleep, our temperature control is set to 70 degrees plus I get that 70 degrees might be too cold for some, but that is our ideal sleep temperature.

If the temperature of a room is above 70 degrees, I can know the difference plus that will lead to a rough night of sleep for me, luckily, some of our family members have fans that I will use to supplement the air conditioning to make the room more comfortable for sleeping, but because of this, I love sleeping in our own home because I get to control the setting on the temperature control. I also love staying in hotel rooms because I can adjust the temperature control in the room to 70 degrees, then finding that optimal sleep temperature means a difference of getting 3 hours of sleep versus 7 to 8 hours of sleep. If I sleep in a hotel with the temperature control set to 70 degrees, I always sleep love a baby plus wake up feeling so refreshed. When I go home to visit our parents, I am always increasing the temperature control because they keep it set on 71 degrees at night plus that is just too cold for me. My mom is always cold, plus she gets mad when I adjust the temperature control to 70, but that is the only way I will get a superb night’s sleep. When it comes to that optimal sleep temperature, the people I was with and I all have that sweet spot, plus mine is when the temperature control is set to 70 degrees.

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