Vent cleaning when moving into a new house

When I moved into my home I was very aware that it wasn’t totally clean.

I wanted to make sure everything was as fresh as possible.

I ripped up the old carpet and laid down tile floors. I scraped the popcorn ceiling and painted it. I painted the walls, washed the baseboards and added new lights. Everything was fresh and clean. I then realized I forgot something, the vents. I went online and bought all new vent covers. Rather than rusted metal, I chose a white vent cover that would blend into my freshly painted ceilings. As I was taking the vents off I noticed how gross it was inside of my ventilation. I really need to hire out ventilation cleaning. Vent cleaning isn’t that much money and more than worth it in my opinion. Moving into a new house means that there was a bunch of old dust, dirt and skin cells in my ductwork. I didn’t want to breathe in other people’s grime and dirt. The vent cleaning process was quite easy and straightforward. The professional even talked me into a carbon air purification system in my ductwork. That means that as the air blows around in my ductwork, it is getting cleaned. No more smells, poor indoor air conditions or sneezing fits for me. It was really more than worth the money to know that the old dirt is gone from the ductwork. Now my house is as clean as it can be. So any dirt, hair or dust I find I know that I am the one that created it.


Air Filtration Maintenance