My HVAC schedule was very busy

I was not looking forward to my schedule today at all.

I knew that this was going to happen, every time without fail, summer and winter are very busy months for me.

Why? Well it’s because I am a heating and air conditioning worker. During the summer and the winter, the temperatures are at their most extreme, and because of this, the heater and cooling units are more likely to fail and then people rush to get them fixed. The HVAC corporations such as the one I work at are usually swamped with calls and appointments. And then HVAC workers like me have to work overtime to accommodate for all of the extra appointments. Just today alone I have 8 appointments. It seems like just one after another, and it never ends. Meanwhile, my wife is having the absolute opposite experience. She is a teacher, and she is on summer break, and she is enjoying it. Now she doesn’t completely get the summer off, she still has meetings to attend and her future classes to plan, but it is much nicer than what I am going through. Then again, she has to deal with screaming kids that have absolutely no manners for close to 7 hours a day, so I don’t exactly envy her. Anyways, it is close to 8 am, and I need to get to work in my HVAC van and start heading to my first appointment. I will be glad when today is over, and when summer is over.
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