She got two space heaters just in case

Ed was a bit annoyed with herself since she had too much Spring cleaning to do.

It’s only after the snow thawed that she saw the state of the yard. Ed had left so multiple things outside, & this meant spending nights putting it all away. Winter had hit early the previous year. Ed was so tied up with her career that she barely had time to clear her yard. She constantly planned to do it, however never got to doing it. One morning Ed woke up, & the ground was covered in 3 inches of snow. Ed did her best to bring in a few things like her deck furniture. But, the rest of the items would need to wait until Spring. Now, the weather was warming up & the toil Ed had left behind was waiting for her. Well, there’s no point in resting around & complaining, so Ed got tied up making her yard. Another thing she had to do was visit a Heating plus A/C store when she had an hour to spare. Ed chose to do so on an afternoon when she was in the neighborhood running errands. Ed wanted to go to the Heating plus A/C store to buy two space heaters for emergency use. Ed’s heating system was good, however she felt on freezing evenings she needed more heat. So, the space heaters would come in very handy. Lucky for Ed, the Heating plus A/C store was having a 50% off sale on space heaters. Ed grabbed three since she now had enough cash to do so. Ed would keep the space heaters away until she felt the need to use them in the fall or on those freezing winter season evenings.

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